Ongrid, Offgrid, anything in between™

We are all entitled to breath clean air and have power security to live and work effectively. Now more than ever, businesses and governments recognise the need to incorporate environmental concerns into their decision making. Off Grid Energy is a leader in the energy storage market specialising in the requirements for grid reinforcement where the grid is weak or not available.


We deliver smart, efficient energy storage solutions where the grid needs help or doesn't reach. Short lead times, improve cost, reduce environmental impact.

About Us

Pioneers and innovators in energy storage since 2011, we are experts in providing smart, efficient power solutions that save money and significantly reduce environmental impact.
Whether you are struggling with grid power or if there is no grid available, we offer our expertise in energy storage and our own brand of outside the box thinking to ensure you have the most cost effective solution, the least environmental impact and deliver in the shortest possible time.

We have been delivering energy storage solutions to an impressive list of customers, for temporary and permanent applications, since 2011.  Our expertise ranges from hybrid power generation to save fuel and reduce emissions, to grid power re-enforcement solutions that avoid the cost and extended time-scales associated with grid upgrades.

We work with some of the largest corporate organisations as well as private individuals.  We are innovators, our technology has significant environmental impact and our products and solutions are used across the world.  Our technology is used in the most advanced and fastest growing sectors as well as helping people in the most challenged parts of the world to access clean and reliable power.

Our market sectors include construction, events, utilities, remote off-grid for commercial and domestic, EV charging, and communications.  We offer solutions for direct capital purchase as well as operating one of the largest fleets of energy storage assets anywhere in the world.