Posted: 17th April 2020


Welcome to GEM: The Green Energy Mill. A foldable tower designed to provide solar and wind energy at festivals and events. After two years of building, testing, and refining, GEM was supposed to start its European festival tour this summer. Due to COVID-19 we had to change the original plan. Instead of showing the GEM Tower at the festivals itself, we now talk to the festival organisers in a new video series. We proudly present to you: Digital GEM Tour. A new video will be released every Friday!

FESTIVAL 1 – 10th April 2020



Paaspop officially kicks off the festival season in The Netherlands every year. It is also the first festival of the GEM Tour 2020.

In this first video we talk to Paaspop Director Chris Seijkens and Program Manager of Paaspop Innovates Willem Wouters, about their view on sustainability in the events industry. Enjoy and share…

Watch the digital tour here and learn more about the GEM Tower as part of the Interreg North-West Europe PowerVIBES project:  

GEM Tower fact sheet available here: Factsheet GEM Tower 2020