EV Depot Energy Storage System- SEUL


For the introduction of up to 170 electric delivery vans at a central London parcel delivery depot, grid capacity constraints limiting the available supply presented challenges.  The cost to upgrade the incoming supply would run into £Millions and take  years to implement.  For the project to be viable, an alternative solution was needed.  To charge all the fleet simultaneously would require a feed in the order of 4.5MW compared to the 1.5MW supply.  Base load in the depot was modest, except during the few busy hours whilst sorting parcels and that was when the vehicles would need charging.  Off Grid Energy were approached to be part of a group tasked with devising a smart solution.




The Smart Electric Urban Logistics (SEUL) project was commissioned to deliver an integrated smart management system, involving dynamic control of individual vehicle charging points, combined with a multi-function Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to provide peak demand support to the grid.  

The solution comprises a smart charging system that dynamically controls power available to connected vehicles in order to limit the peak load on the network.  Working alongside and interacting with this, the BESS, designed, manufactured and supplied by Off Grid Energy, monitors depot load through remote measurement at the LV sub station and makes stored energy available to the depot to cover any unavoidable deficit in capacity.





More than a means to support the available power supply, Ingenium+ is a Universal Battery Energy Storage System (U-BESS) capable of multiple functions.  To ensure the storage asset’s value is optimised, when not needed by the depot, Ingenium+ is controlled by a smart Energy Management System (EMS) to deliver a suite of grid balancing services helping to relieve the local capacity constraints that warranted the system’s installation in the first instance.


The U-BESS is controlled by an Energy Management System (EMS) that has been developed specifically for purpose and is capable of interacting with external systems to receive commands or requests from multiple sources and communicate system performance information. The EMS is able to perform control commands of the storage and conversion equipment and so manage operation of the system.


The EMS can be accessed locally or via a web portal for full remote control and monitoring that includes adjustments to settings and the reporting of alarms.


One of the attractive aspects of the solution was the speed of delivery. The system was planned, built, installed and commissioned in under 3 months which compared very favourably against the time that would have been required for grid re-enforcement.


Ingenium+ is a factory-built solution constructed under ISO QA standards and delivered for straightforward “plug and play” installation. In this instance, the unit was connected into the distribution network in the depot using a suitably rated Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB). Installation of the remote monitoring and of the connection point for the main unit was carried out during a Sunday morning shutdown. Site disruption was minimised as a result of no special building or site preparation requirements required.


As a first phase to support the first 20 vehicles, the installation will be upgraded to greater power and storage capacity at a later date as the fleet of connected vehicles is expanded. Ingenium+ can be supplied in systems up to 1MVA/2MWhr and can be parallel connected for higher capacity.