Featherstone Farm, Whitley Bay


A solution was needed quickly that would save money

With full renovation of a remote farm underway and no grid supply available, the renovation project of Featherston Farm was reliant on running a diesel generator for power.  This was costing significantly in fuel and maintenance as well as noise nuisance for the owners occupying the property whilst work was going on around them. As construction work had already begun, the owners needed a solution in place immediately and the prospect of grid power was some way off.  A solution was needed that was on a short lead time and that would address the costs and disruption of the generator.

With restricted access to the site a compact solution was essential that could incorporate solar energy. Off Grid Energy was tasked with providing a complete power solution, on a restricted time scale, to fill the gap before grid power could be organised.



“Our gridtogo Powercube was easily installed and unobtrusive. The system is working beyond our expectations. Inside the house there is no way of telling that we are not on normal mains. Our generator runs for a short period every week or so during the winter, and this year it has not run at all between February and August! In a year of operation, we have not come even close to using one tank of LPG”. “We are delighted to have discovered this system and really impressed with how smoothly and economically it works”.

Dr Nettle, Resident




The system Off Grid Energy supplied was efficient and simple in design, thus only taking one working day to install. The customer was particularly delighted with the efficiency of the unit and how power was utilised from the solar panels. Where the owners energy needs are modest, solar PV was proven to produce enough energy to power the electrical needs of the property for the majority of the year and so almost eliminating the need to run the generator at all.

Off Grid Energy installed a 14kVA LPG generator and sixteen solar panels, totalling a 4kWp, both feeding a 10kVA gridtogo POWERCUBE with 33kWh maintenance free battery pack.



Substantial financial saving, with £15,246.42 fuel costs saved.


The owners now enjoy virtually no noise, any generator running can be managed to specific times of the day.


A significant saving of 40,250.54kg of CO2e per year


The reductions in generator running hours have other benefits, in longer deployments, refueling visits are reduced and servicing costs are reduced and generator life will be significantly extended. All of these things represent further financial savings.


The residents of Featherstone Farm have enjoyed clean, low-cost power form the system such that the plan to establish a grid power connection has been ditched.