Outlander on-location


Supplying power when the grid has to go.


When making the TV film Outlander, the production company wanted an authentic period landscape to work with in the Highlands of Scotland.  Overhead power lines however spoilt the illusion and needed to be taken away.  Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution Ltd took on the challenge of temporarily removing the wires but this left the not insignificant issue of how to keep their customers supplied with power.



SSE PD elected to use their new fleet of battery diesel hybrid power systems supplied by Off Grid Energy.  Proximity to houses and challenges with re-fuelling meant that running a generator 24/7 was not a viable option.  The systems were connected to local pole mounted transformers to feed dedicated supplies to farms and houses.  The hybrid systems automatically switched to battery at night and when power demand was low.  The generator only needed to run for a few hours each day so customers were able to enjoy a continuous supply of clean power without the night-time noise of a generator.

With generator running hours kept to a fraction of what would otherwise have been the case and fuel consumption optimised for efficiency, the need to re-fuel the generator was eliminated.



Our solution provided an easy plug and play solution for the broadcasters to concentrate on their task in hand.  


By choosing to use our gridtogoenergy storage system over a generator it eliminated any complaints from the residents concerning noise nuisance.


Our solution also meant that unlike with a generator the power supply did not emit any essence of diesel. The environmental benefit of lower carbon emissions and better air quality add to the haul.


Savings are made from removing the requirement of diesel which is a highly fluctuating cost and therefore is difficult to measure longterm but will undoubtedly be highly significant.