Providing Power to Monitor Structural Movement


Our bespoke hybrid solution reduced noise pollution

A world-leading supplier of structural inspection services contacted Off Grid Energy in need of a power solution for the long term structural monitoring the bridge over the M27 in Southampton. OGE was asked to provide off-grid power to a computer and structural monitoring instruments at a remote bridge, spanning the M27. The solution needed to be self-sufficient and low maintenance, whilst delivering a reliable and consistent source of power. 




Off Grid Energy developed a bespoke power unit which was positioned on scrubland, between the motorway and some residential properties. To minimise fuel consumption and environmental impact, as well as keeping noise nuisance to a minimum, OGE provided a fully integrated hybrid power system in a customised single enclosure.  The system included our gridtogo™ power unit, diesel generator and high capacity fuel tank.



The proximity to residents was a major issue as the generator noise pollution would have been a major concern. Our bespoke solution allowed the generators to be turned off evenings and provide power silently.


The hybrid power system meant that generator running time was limited to two hours per day with a longer run once a week for battery conditioning.  Generator run times could then be managed to times of the day that were least disruptive.  reductions in fuel consumption of 80% were achieved compared to the alternative of having to run the generator 24/7.


Our solution allows the generator to be utilised more efficiently and therefore deliver greater reliability. Low running hours of the generator minimised the need for routine maintenance. Generator breakdowns were eliminated because of better utilisation. Since installation, the generator has been serviced every 500 hours (once every 6 months) and refuelled approximately once a year.  This meant fewer road journeys and cost for maintenance.


As the requirement for diesel is reduced significantly so the carbon emissions are lowered and other pollutants such as NOx and PM’s so air quality is improved which has obvious benefits for residents.


The unit is monitored using our remote portal to ensure smooth running, although support and service are always on hand around the clock if any problems arise. Furthermore, the customer can remotely access the system to monitor performance data directly.