Our Solutions

Off Grid Energy deliver clean and efficient energy solutions across a wide range of commercial and domestic applications.

Solutions for Construction
gridtogo™ turns your diesel generator into a cleaner, more efficient hybrid power system saving money, cutting emissions & reducing noise.
Every day across the construction industry, tens of thousands of litres of diesel are burned by generators. Many, perhaps most, of these generators are, for much of the time, not required to generate very much electricity.
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Solutions for Utilities
For restorations, grid re-enforcement and behind the meter applications, energy storage is an adaptable resource for our utility customers.
Electricity distribution networks, all over the world are changing and adapting to find solutions to new challenges and technologies. Energy storage provides a flexible and quickly integrated solution for everything from fault restoration to re-enforcement of the network to support EV charging. For energy users, multi function behind the meter solutions offer alternatives to expensive and long-lead time grid upgrades.
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Solutions for Events and Broadcast
Where noise and pollution could ruin your visitors' experience, energy storage has the answer.
What all events have in common is they need power. gridtogo™ is the perfect totally green solution for one-day events such as a product launch, fireworks display or even the London Marathon. For the largest of the many music festivals that are held each year or significant sporting events, hybrid power that can also combine renewables such as solar PV, will ensure your costs and environmental impact are at an absolute minimum.
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Solutions for Behind the Meter, multi function energy storage
There is a great deal of change in the electricity distribution sector with many challenges and opportunities. gridtogo™ provides smart energy storage solutions that can be tuned to customer needs.
Focused on solutions to meet customers needs, rather than simply exploiting capacity, the key to cost effective energy storage is being able to deliver multi layered benefits that address challenges and offer additional capabilities to maximise potential.
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Solutions for EV Charging
For temporary or permanent situations, gridtogo™ provides the power you need for EV charging where grid capacity is limited or just isn't available.
For EV fleet depot's, commercial premises or public transport, there can be challenges with grid capacity. For events and other temporary situations, access to the power you need may not exist. gridtogo™ offers a clean and cost effective solution.
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Solutions for Remote Locations
gridtogo™ Cleaner, efficient and cost effective power for remote commercial and residential applications.
For people in remote places, gridtogo™ forms the centrepiece of a smart, efficient and cleaner power system that can draw on multiple energy resources to provide power just the same as if you're connected to the grid.
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