Event Power Distribution

Clean, silent, high quality power anywhere you need it.


For events, environmental impact carbon emissions, air quality and noise are high on the agenda. Cost too is an important factor when planning power needs for any event.

The challenge is in providing a reliable supply of power, when and where it is needed, with the least environmental impact and at the best cost. No mean feat!

Large or small, long or short in duration, the objectives are the same.  Events use power for everything from communications equipment, visitor amenities, camp sites, food concessions, AV production, broadcast equipment, security and staff facilities.  Often dispersed over a wide area, the job of planning and delivering power is daunting.

Event organisers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact and often demonstrating a commitment to this is a condition for a licence to hold the event in the first place.  For broadcasters, high quality power with minimum noise is a must.  Where possible, the use of renewable energy sources is highly desired.  Many events have long build up and beak down periods where power needs are more modest and this is often where the biggest savings and benefits can be enjoyed.



gridtogo can be charged up from mains power for less than £5 and deliver enough energy to comfortably power a one-day event. For those bigger events that utilise many tens, if not hundreds of generators, much of the capacity for peripheral services are under-utilised.  These installations are ideal candidates for hybrid solutions that can save substantial amounts of fuel and emissions but also save in logistics by reducing or eliminating the need for re-fuelling. The significant reductions in running hours also help to extend generator life and reduce the frequency of service intervals. These are all things that save money as well as contributing to carbon reduction, better air quality and the elimination of noise.


Saving money and having significant environmental impact is a win-win for events; lower cost of fuel, less CO2, better air quality and the elimination of noise.
Our energy storage solutions can deliver entirely noise and emission free power anywhere you need it. Our solutions save money on fuel and re-fuelling as well as maintenance and service. Improved environmental credentials through lower carbon footprint and better air quality are achieved as well as cutting or eliminating noise where upsetting the neighbours can be a sensitive issue. There's a journey to go on; to learn how energy needs can be minimised and how that energy is provided for the least cost and least impact. We're on that journey with you.