Off Grid power solutions

gridtogo™ offers cost effective energy where there is no grid or the grid is not enough


Being off grid might be because you're in a very remote location but sometimes it's just because getting a grid connection is complicated, too costly or will take too long, even though you may not be so far away from civilisation. In some cases you may have access to grid power but it's just not enough. Running a diesel generator 24/7 is costly, noisy and polluting and candles can't keep the internet connected.

For commercial installations or private dwellings, there could be any number of reasons that you are looking for an independent power solution. It may be because the DNO have quoted a substantial figure for connection, perhaps many tens of thousands of pounds, it may be to do with legal of physical obstacles or it may be because you want to have independence from grid power.

Whatever your motivation, you will want a cost-effective solution that fits both your budget and your performance needs. Our task is to understand what you want to do and provide a solution that makes financial sense both in terms of initial investment and running costs.


Being off grid doesn’t mean you have to make compromises when it comes to energy. Whether you’re needs are commercial or domestic, you can have all the power you need, in just the same way as if you’re connected to the grid. Harnessing renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar or even hydro means that clean and cost effective power is available without generating CO2e or polluting the air.

When that can’t provide all the energy you need, a diesel generator can be integrated too but managed to operate as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

gridtogo forms the heart of your off grid system, automatically and efficiently managing all your energy sources and making sure you enjoy the cleanest, trouble free power just as if you are connected to mains.

Where you have grid power that is either unreliable or of insufficient capacity, gridtogo can be set up to use what you have got, make up any shortfall using energy stored in the battery and so avoid the need to upgrade your supply.  In these cases, when the sun shines or the wind blows, you can even disconnect from the grid and so choose to be on or off the grid or both.


Low running costs, power security, minimum environmental impact and automatic operation; all the power you need just the same as if you're connected to the grid.
Our aim is to give you quality power, just the same as if you're connected to the grid so you can be focused on your daily routine or delivering what you do as a business.