Behind the Meter Energy Storage

gridtogo™ for multi function energy storage to address your energy needs


The key to effective storage is being able to deliver multiple benefits and so maximise return on investment.

There may be any one of many reasons that behind the meter energy storage may address a challenge you face; capacity availability limitations, costly re-enforcement, long lead times for new connection or expensive peak tariffs. What really makes storage an attractive and cost effective option, however, is not to just address your basic need but also to capitalise on other features that will enhance your energy management tool kit.


gridtogo™ is a standard solution that can be adapted to deliver a wide range of functions and so have the flexibility to adapt to your needs without needing to redesign the wheel.  Whilst the primary reason to install and energy storage solution may be straightforward, to make that a truly cost effective option, there are multiple functions that can be put to work.

You may, for example, look to energy storage as an alternative to a costly grid upgrade, using the energy to address peak power needs.  Concentrations of new EV’s and their charging needs might be an example of that.


gridtogo™ installed in such circumstances can then be used to capture solar PV for self consumption or to provide DSR capabilities such as voltage and frequency response; all things you may be able to monetise.  Perhaps you can use all of these features.

These features may well be attractive to your DNO in a constrained part of the network so you situation changes from being a problem to a resource so everyone wins.  It’s future proof too so as things change your storage asset and be adapted, upgraded or even re-located.  A grid upgrade is a sunken cost you won’t see again.


Flexible, multi functional and simple to install, gridtogo™ is easy to integrate and adapt to your requirements. An impressive list of capabilities include peak lopping, load shifting, islanding on demand, energy absorption, DSR (Hz, V), solar self consumption and more.
As a standard product range, Off Grid Energy can deliver from stock so lead times are minimal. As operators of one of the largest fleets of energy storage for rent, we can also offer short term solutions while you wait for your grid upgrade or to deal with temporary supply challenges.