Electricity Energy Storage

Flexible, adaptable and cost effective energy storage solutions addressing challenges for electricity distribution.


Restoring power when the lights go out or dealing with constrained network capacity are key challenges electricity network operators have to deal with every day. Our energy storage technology offers solutions that can be quickly and cost effectively integrated.

Getting supply restored for customers when the power fails is of critical importance to network operators.  Doing so with the lowest cost, least environmental impact and greatest customer satisfaction is a challenge made more difficult with tightening regulation on emissions.

The network is also facing new challenges from rapidly growing demands for electric vehicle charging, solar PV installations exporting energy, and changing customer energy needs where energy storage offers flexible and easy to integrate solutions for the network and as behind the meter solutions for customers.


For restorations, gridtogo™ is an adaptable alternative to deploying a diesel generator.  Battery only systems can be connected to customers properties and deliver clean silent power while faults are repaired.  For longer outages, our full hybrid systems, that integrate a generator and battery storage system, enable supply to be maintained with the least environmental impact, saving cost and with minimum disruption and nuisance for customers.  Less frequent refuelling means that significant operational cost savings can be made.

Where the grid is under stress, small scale energy storage is a flexible, quickly deployed and cost effective option for both temporary and permanent re-enforcement.  Behind the meter, gridtogo™ offers an impressive range of capabilities that maximises return on investment through multi layering functionality; DSR, self consumption of renewables, peak lopping, load shifting and islanding can all be combined in an impressive specification of a single installation.


Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are helping to reduce carbon, drive cost out of managing the network and providing solutions for the many new challenges network operators face.
Driving carbon out of network management, lower costs, reductions in carbon emissions and improved air quality are all factors that benefit network operators. BESS offer a quickly available, cost effective resource that can address capacity issues, both temporary or permanent, that are flexible and multi functional.